Frozen Vegetables

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29047Asparagus Spears Frozen 1Kg A S/MarinerFrPack
23407Avocado Bits And Pieces 500Gm A FalconFrPack
23408Avocado Halves 500Gm A FalconFrPack
23047Avocado Pulp Chunky 454Gm Tub A WattiesFrTub
23410Avocado Pulp Smooth 454Gm A FalconFrTub
26035Beans Baby 500Gm A MccainFrPack
26040Beans Broad 500Gm A Watties/SignaFrPack
30635Beans Butter 2Kg A WattiesFrPack
30641Beans Cross Cut 5Kg A WattiesFrPack
26042Beans Edamame (Soya) No Shells 1Kg A SunmartFrPack
26041Beans Green Whole 2Kg A WattiesFrBag
30634Broccoli 1Kg 9953 A S/MarinerFrBag
30656Broccoli 2Kg A WattiesFrBag
30932Capsicum Diced Green 1Kg Frz 9981 A S/MarinerFrBag
30937Capsicum Diced Green 750Gm Frz L S/MarinerFrBag
30933Capsicum Diced Red 1Kg Frz 9982 A S/MarinerFrBag
30936Capsicum Diced Red 750Gm Frz L S/MarinerFrBag
30705Carrots Baby 2Kg A WattiesFrBag
30706Carrots Baby 500G X 12'S L WattiesFrCtn
30676Carrots Diced 5Kg A WattiesFrBag
30710Carrots Julienne 2Kg L TalleysFrPack
30637Cauliflower 1Kg Shore Mariner L S/MarinerFrBag
30720Cauliflower 2Kg A WattiesFrPack
82017Corn Chuckwagon 750Gm C WattiesFrEach
30742Corn Cob Super Sweet 1Kg A WattiesFrBag
30760Corn Cobs 5 X 10Pce 7.5Kg A MccainFrCtn
31120Corn Nuggets 2Kg A Fleur FoodsFrPack
29072Corn Wheels 700Gm Talleys FdFrPack
30739Corn Whole Kernel S/S 2Kg A WattiesFrBag
30835Fritters Potato 1Kg Baby Star A Baby StarFrPack
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